Next question - How to quickly migrate to new PC

Thank you for the computer suggestions, the next question has to be, is there a quick and easy way to migrate to a new PC? I figure I’ll keep my existing USB hub, and can leave keyboards connected, but will I be able to keep my bindings and VSTi patching? I figure I’ll have to name the keyboards the same way, and then maybe it’s done? Or can I load it a song from the old computer, make sure the correct keyboards are linked, and done? I think I need to do this, but it may take a while, I’d like to know what I’m in for. Thanks! chris

I moved to a new Surface Pro and it was smooth. Just a lot of VST’s to install and license. I was surprised to find they have to install into the same folders or subfolders. If the input settings are setup the same, the song will work without any changes.

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