News at VSL. Their pianos are now using audio lossless compression

Vienna Symphonic Library is well known for the quality of their instruments, as well as for their less than popular prices.
Their pianos used to have one big flaw, the huge size of the libraries (e.g. up to 170GB for the Fazioli 308).

They are now all available in lossless audio format. For example, the standard library for the Steinway-D is 33GB during download and remains the same once installed, rather than expanding to 115GB as with the old fullsize version.
This is very important for those without ultra-fast (or external) SSDs. Although my library SSD is very fast (up to 6GB/s), I had some random minor glitches when playing these pianos. No more glitches now!

Thanks to the kindness and willingness of VSL support, I was able to be a beta tester for this and other new features that have now been officially released, such as the piano player with full support for multicore processors.

  • At the moment only the Synchron Pianos are available in a lossless version, but this feature will eventually be applied to all their libraries.

  • All pianos are up to 36% off until July, 1.
    Free 31-day fully working demos available (iLok required).

I bought the Bosendorfer 280VC, one of my favourite pianos, an amazing instrument that suits all music styles.

Iā€™m not a VSL endorser! :slightly_smiling_face:

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