Newbie - Where to Start to connect Cantabile to Integra 7 and Roland A-88

Hello, newbie here, so please be kind. Here’s my performance rig: Roland Integra 7, Roland A-88, Behringer xAir xr12 mixer, playing through two, QSC K10s.

So my goal is to use Cantabile to create songs, song lists/sets, for live performance so that I can easily switch between Integra 7 sounds, and most importantly, to do layered sounds on the fly/live.

To accomplish this, I purchased Cantalibe 3 Solo, and I added Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB interface. I’ve watched the new Cantalibe 3 getting started video (28 min), but I cannot even get the metronome to work.

I understand there’s a learning curve, but Where Do You Start? All help is deeply appreciated!

Update: reviewed 1st video again, and can now hear the metronome via laptop sound card.

Hi Dennis and Welcome!

You got the Metronome going with the laptop audio chip but if you want to use your new USB Audio interface you need to configure the Audio Engine in Tools>Options>Audio Engine to be the Scarlett ASIO driver. Next you would need to check your Audio routing page in Tools>Options>Audio Ports to see if the Scarlet is the Main Speakers out. Next you need to check the MIDI Ports page Tools>options>MIDI Ports and set up the A-88 as the Main Keyboard. After all this is done you should be able to open a new Cantabile song and add a VST instrument on the routings page with the Add Object button. The MIDI input and Audio output routes should be set up default to the Main Keyboard (A-88) and the Main Speakers (Scarlet Stereo Out) and should play back sounds at this point if a sound is loaded in the soft synth. All these steps have tutorials or videos but you are hung up just ask and someone will help.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’ve got the Scarlett driver loaded and Scarlet working as the Main Speakers out. My next step will be to try to connect the A-88. Now since the A-88 is midi, I’ll be connecting it to the Scarlet’s midi in. I’m not sure if Cantabile will pick up the A-88 as the keyboard or simply see the Scarlet as the keyboard - I’ll let you know.

Thanks again,

Look under Tools->Options…->MIDI Ports

It will be listed as either Focusrite or Scarlet with a number likely in the MIDI Port choices for checkboxes when setting up the port