Newbie and Loudmax to the signal chain

Hi. Running Solo, but having problems to setup a simple “attenuator” at the end of the signal chain. Could someone kindly advise me, why does the signal not come out of the Main speakers with the Loudmax in the chain, as it clearly outputs something (image1), but works perfectly without it (image 2)?

Hi Olli,

I would try routing the stereo outs from Kontakt and Piano V2 to the stereo input of the Loudmax and running it’s stereo out to the Main Speakers. The Loudmax in you pictures is running in parallel to the Piano and Sampler, it needs to be in series and be the last plugin in the chain. The picture shows example wiring …


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Hi @Olli_Raatikainen,

could you check the state (active/inactive) of the routes? Maybe it’s just the image, but it seems to me that the route from Loudmax to MainSpeaker is in dark green, which could mean that it is not active (orange cross instead of green check mark). This is a typical case in which the other view (the one without the routings) gives more immediate information. In your case, you have to click on the green wire to see its status (at the bottom of the panel).



Huh, sorry Gabriel, we overlapped a bit. Most of the time it happens to me with Corky. :wink:

I confused the green wire and the dark green wire. Guess I need to check my eyes!


Wasn’t fast enough today!

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Thank you for the replies, it was actually that the Loudmax was muted (B3 plugin was in Solo) 🫣 I just did not realise that, because I was in the routing view :man_facepalming: