New Wurly offering by Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio has just released “Wurlybird”, their take on the Wurly - they sampled / modeled a very nice 140B model instead of the more widespread 200 / 200A models.

I’ve grabbed the demo and played with it for a while - very playable indeed! I compared it to my default VReeds Wurly by Acousticsamples (my current go-to Wurly), and the playability is similar, while the CPU load is a little lower in a similar config (stomp effects off, just a touch of tremolo). I find the sound of the Wurlybird a bit more “muscular” than the VReeds version; nice for the Ray-Charles-y interpretations. But it also does a veeeery good job on the Supertramp styles with its built-in stomp effects.

Given the intro price of $39, this is pretty much a no-brainer IMHO.




Checked this out as well. Watched a video or two and then downloaded the demo. I agree with Torsten that this plug has been in the gym packing on the muscle. The sound is stellar IMHO. I had a beige colored 200A way back when…but this feels and sounds like a beefed up version of that. The collection of stomps covers all the classics. I have a bunch of EP’s on my various keyboards and several VST’s, but I opened up my wallet for this one. It is likely going to become my go to on a lot of songs.

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I am a bit of an electric piano junkie and bought it right away. It did have a few CPU spikes with me when I played some more aggressive accents (enough that the sound actually drops out). I will need to explore more why this happens, but I suspect either the effects or the volume control (the patches are really soft compared to other EP plugs). It sounds great otherwise.

  • Paul

Dang. Cherry Audio have had enough of my money of late……

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I’m not a big fan of the Wurly, but out of curiosity I tried the demo and have to say that with less than 400MB they’ve managed to make an amazing Wurly sound, better than the (few) A200s I own (included in bundles like N.I. Komplete or Waves Keyboards).

Another great product from Cherry Audio, again at a reasonable price.