New Wurlitzer Plugin from Acoustic Samples (modeled)


Check that:

How’s first? :slight_smile:


The demo’s sound really good to me! My first keyboard was an A-200!


Hey Christian

I also owned a Wurlie in the early 70’s, and the demos sound true. The vibrato also sounds right. I did hear a little of the lower register “bark” which I always look for in a clone. I would imagine it gets better with velocity. There is a 127 velocity example on site. I love all my AS products. Understand tho, AS also uses samples + modelling. According to AS, it is only a 70Mb load, so not bad. They modeled/sampled A200 and A200A. I may have to jump on this one, just because of AS quality, and although I am a Hammond addict, I am equally a Wurlie junkie as well. Thanks for the heads up.



Gaaah, GAS again…

couldn’t resist - since I already own their “Wurlie”, it was actually reduced by 50%…

Very nice indeed…


I don’t have Wurlie…aarrggg! Let us know what you think.


It does sound really good (much better than the EPs I have in my Kronos EP-1 engine which I have been using for a while), but I am on a self imposed moratorium after splurging out for Christmas on some other goodies :exploding_head: :exploding_head::exploding_head: - a bit of a move back to hardware (but of course Cantabile and VSTs are still very much in my rig) with a Sequential Prophet X at a knock down price (I wanted at least one piece of analog knobinness heaven in my studio, and have been waiting a while for the right synth at the right price…) and a Roli Seaboard Block system as I was quite intrigued by the 5D concept, but not at full RRP. 50% off in Black Friday made the GAS bite. :slight_smile:


It’s an absolute pleasure to play - lots of “under-the-hood” tweaking possible, but I really like the Default setting as it is.

Working with the UVI instruments is always a bit finicky, because using Cantabile’s Snapshots as presets cause the beast to be re-loaded on changing a preset. But I assigned all relevant parameters (including all the “pedal” parameters) to UVI host parameters and use state behavior to define my presets - works perfectly. Of course, this means I need to set the “under-the-hood” customizing once and then forget about it, but that’s not too big a thing. After all - who climbs behind their Wurly with a screwdriver and a soldering iron during a gig? So I approach this as I would a regular Wurly: fine-tune the inner workings once, then use the controls and pedals to shape the tone. And that is easy as pie with the exported parameters.

CPU utilization is OK (10-15% on my studio machine). Compared with Velvet (my current ePiano workhorse), it sounds somewhat more “present” and “real” - but Velvet can hold its own quite nicely against it. And Velvet is near unbeatable in its CPU footprint - it runs at 2.5 - 4% CPU on the same songs / phrases I tested VReeds with. So I guess I’ll stick with Velvet for the layered sounds and use VReeds for the more exposed solo Wurly parts going forward.




You would be surprised. :grin:

That’s great Torsten. I’ve found AS instruments always a pleasure to play. Arno works hard to bring realism to his instruments. That is why I like B-5 so much. I was hoping to purchase another computer soon, but you are making me miss my old Wurlie. I will probably bow to pressure. :anguished:

Thanks for your thoughts.



Does it compare well to Keyscape? That’s a nice Wurly.



Does it compare well to Keyscape?

No…it compares to a Wurlie. :rofl::rofl:


You know what I mean. Begone with your shenanigans.


Can’t say - no Keyscape here. I was intrigued by the sounds, but frightened off by its reputation as a resource hog - not what I want in my live setup…