New WASAPI / ASIO App for Windows

Hey All,

I Saw this today, I wonder how it measures up to Voice Banana and the others? I thought of @terrybritton when I saw it because it says it has a lot of features he already employs.

Since it’s a newbie I’m pretty sure it’s not perfected yet …



Wow !!! yes, what I’ve been looking for.
Would be so handy to route certain stuff. Or maybe now I can do the routing from my soundcard output to bluetooth 5 earbuds, to be mobile on stage !

I hope it’s stable.
Or no latency.

Voicemeeter supports Direct Sound (WDM/Kernel Streaming) and ASIO (and the ancient but stable MME from Windows 98 days), but has yet to introduce a WASAPI mode. I’ll be taking a look at this from 3delite, as the Windows WASAPI has received a lot of work in recent times, and I’d like to see what it can do in such a mixer environment.


Bluetooth has inherent latency, I don’t see how you could ever use that on stage, even disregarding the sound quality and isolation of such ear buds.

I believe there is a new Bluetooth std that was developed to reduce latency for TV audio to BT speakers. aptX Although @ 32ms it still seems a tad high to me.

Bt5 would be ok i think