New user problems - Extremely basic!

I’ve gone through the first few videos. I have set things up as well as I can figure out. when I get to the point in the first video where you test with the metronome, it’s obvious (meter) that it is working, but I get no sound. The sound on my PC is working fine. the Volume Mixer does not show any setting for Cantabile. Did I miss something in the setup?

See if this helps from the user guide:

Thanks. Nothing that I can glean from that helped.

I can see the metronome is “ticking” - the quarter-note icon is flashing and two different meters are responding. I haven’t created a song or anything yet, but I think this is just an early test before you even get to that. My audio engine is Asio4All and my Audio out to Main Speakers ports are listed HDMI out #0 1 and 2. I have no clue why they would be HDMI rather than anything else, and when I click to add a new output port in the options, there are no selections; just a place to type in a names and alias.

There is a speaker icon on the metronome for sound on and off. Are you getting any other sounds. If not, you may not have your audio output configured correctly.

No speaker icon I can identify. All sounds on PC are working normally.

Click on the metronome icon.

Got it. It’s on and both gain controls are around 0 dB.

Cool! So everything is working then?

Well, everything but the metronome!

I mean the controls seem to be set right but I still have no clicking.


Sounds like Asio4all is not configured correctly ( Corky mentioned it above) to go to the main speaker outs 1/8 in plug and instead is sending to the to the HDMI connector.


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I just checked the ASIO control panel and two out of the three options were not selected. I turned them all on, still nothing.

Oh, now I am getting the click through the Helix audio. that’s a step in the right direction!

Thanks for the pic! What physical jack from the PC are you connecting to the amp and speaker with?

The Helix is connected via USB and it’s outputs into my headphone mixer. The PC runs into a set of desktop 2.1 speakers from my sound card.

Which is odd, considering I have it set to ASIO4ALL.

OK, the Helix dosen’t need Asio4all but the Realtek High Definition does. I would try switching Cantabile from ASIO4ALL to the helix ASIO driver first to see if that gets something happening. If that doesn’t work go to the Windows system Sound settings and see what it is set to.

So I’m going to try rebooting. I’m having problems with the Tripleplay software now, I just checked. “I’ll be back.”

So, after a bit of troubleshooting, I get a bunch of different issues, I solve some, others crop up. I’m blaming ASIO4ALL because that’s the only new thing I’ve installed. I’m quitting for tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow.

OK Nick, I hope it goes better tomorrow but I or someone else will check back to see how it goes.

Cheers and Welcome to the forum,


Hi Nicky,

This is not an answer for any of your troubleshooting. You can most likely get everything working with ASIO4ALL with help here on the forum but…a USB audio interface is a nice step up.

I also started with ASIO4ALL but graduated to a Behringer UMC202HD which I’ve been using ever since (bought a second one). It’s latency is low enough to play edrums through.

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