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I’m looking forward to what I can do with Cantabile!


Ok… at this point I’ve got all the basics down. Now I’m programming all my songs in the set list. There is midi automation controlling Helix Native and my midi foot controller (HXFX) controlling the song switching and start and stop for the midi and audio players. I’ve got 50 songs I’m working with and it raised a question. What do I do if I want to switch up the set list? Will it mess up all my programming. Will I have to do a bunch of scrolling to pull up the songs in a new order with my midi foot controller (HXFX)? I would like to know if there is a way to change up songs in the Cantabile set list and have everything else just magically follow suit. I was thinking about what I would have to do (Cantabile,Helix Native and HXFX) to change up my set list and… my mind exploded… again! :alien:


Hi @Derek I don’t know if you read my last post but do you ever do last minute set changes before a show?


Hi @Leroy,

You can drag and drop songs in the song list to reorder them. Also, Cantabile has a grid mode where all of the song names are displayed as touchscreen- type buttons.

There are a number ways you can send program changes to Cantabile to select songs. A simple program change can select 127 songs. A banked program change can have 127 sets of 127 songs, and you can actually have 127 of 127 of 127 songs.

I use a bank for each letter of the alphabet and sort songs alphabetically by first letter. So, all of the “A” songs are in bank 1, “B” are in bank 2, etc. Within the bank for each letter, I don’t worry about having them alphabetized within the bank, but it does help me find songs quickly during the gig.


Right on, my main concern is when I change the song order in the set list is that it will mess up my midi foot controller with song names programmed in. I’ll need to experiment.



Sorry for delay in replying. It’s been one of those VERY long work days where everybody around you seems to be an imbecile…

Anyhow. I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer for you this time. Playing in a Pink Floyd tribute band, we have a very structured and ordered set list. You’d be lynched for not playing certain songs (good job I love playing them!). In this band I play keyboards, so, instead of the Helix, I used a Roland FC300 MIDI Foot controller for patch selection and controller duties. But when we have selected the set for the year, that is the set. So I have never had the need to make on the fly selections of songs. Others here have more of that challenge, so hopefully they might have some ideas.


No worries! I was experimenting last night and think I may have it figured out. Like in Cantabile if you drag the songs into a new order if I just do the same order in the HXFX editor it will all sync up. :v:


Should as the patch changes are from the Helix slot.


You might want to think about deciding on a set list “master” (either Cantabile or the Helix) and not creating set lists both in Cantabile AND on the Helix. You can just have a simple list of all your songs in Cantabile (maybe sorted alphabetically, not specific to a gig) and then select the songs from the Helix via program changes.

This is the way I do things - I keep all my songs for a project / band in an alphabetical set list with program changes associated to the songs, and I use LivePrompter on a tablet for chords / lyrics. I create my gig-specific set lists in LivePrompter and remote-control Cantabile via program changes. That makes it super-easy to skip songs in a set list or quickly jump to a different song - Cantabile just follows along.

Just a different way to think about set lists in Cantabile - to me, they are just “collections” of songs that are pre-loaded; the sequence is determined elsewhere.




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Hi @Torsten;
thanks for your reply, I never thought of doing it like that. I’ll play around with it and let you know how it goes!


That’s kinda what I was trying to say the other day. @Torsten explained it much better. My spin on the concept is to have a bank for each letter of the alphabet. I use ForScore on an iPad. I like leadsheets and I don’t have to worry about lyrics. Nobody wants ME to sing (unless it’s early Bob Dylan covers). Anyway, the Cantabile set list has every song for either the church gig or the world/blues band, Yabanada. I reorder the songs on the iPad and follow those for the gig.Cantabile responds to the banked patch changes ForScore sends.


That makes sense.


Oh, one other thing. Cantabile has a web interface available from a phone or cheap Android tablet. Probably 90% of the time you could use your pedals for next song, etc. But, if there is an out-of-order song for one reason or another, you can use your handheld device quickly to pick a song from an alphabetic list. There are many options and if you’re like me, you’ll change your mind about 100 times! :grin:


Cool I’ll check it out!


Hi Leroy -
I’m doing exactly what you’re looking to do for set lists, with program changes sent from my master keyboard (Motif XF) to Cantabile. This is where i learned that song numbers aren’t just an orderly way to enumerate songs, but should be treated as an ID number for the song.
What i did was create bindings (one for each song) in the background rack to bind the Program Change from the master controller to Load Song By Program, mapping each incoming program change number (on whatever channel your Helix is sending) to the appropriate song number. It can be tedious to create all these bindings (though copy-and-paste to create each successive binding helps a lot), but once it’s set up, your Cantabile songs will automatically follow whatever song gets selected on your controller. (PS Once you’ve got this set up, be careful not to renumber the songs in the Cantabile set list !)

Hope that helps,
– Jimbo


Hi @JimboKeys,

Thanks for your reply,
I’ve got all my songs set up this way but I hadn’t thought about changing my set list like this. Now I know!