New User - Global Rack question

Hi all,
Im new to the Cantabile Universe and I am loving the software.
I’m just wondering if a few of you Master Jedi could shed some light on a few good ways to implement the Global Rack. I kind of understand its purpose but there’s not a lot written about it in the user guides.

I am a guitarist and I’m using Cantabile to host amp sims and effects.

I know the post is somewhat vague but I appreciate any insight in to the Global Rack’s advantages.

Thank you
Your humble Padawan

I also would like to learn more about practical uses of the global rack.


Ok here is how I use it and beleive me there are many ways to go. The idea is that this Global Rack is on all the time so any controller tasks that are common to All Songs in a SetList (Set list Song selectors, Song State selectors, Rack State selectors, Transport Controls, Play/Stop/Pause) as well as Any audio tools that were needed on every song (media players/ Universal Audio Routings) can be put here. Then you don’t have to copy them to each song or even have to plan that way when building a Set List. Also, in the case of the set list controller buttons, it’s the only way to get a level above the Song level so you can manipulate the Set List. So…

I put

  • Transport controls
  • Set List controller buttons
  • Song State Controller Buttons
  • Rack State Controller Buttons
  • Guitar tuner pop up button

There are more applications but that is how I found it to be useful for me so far.


Ahhh, I see. So Dave, you use it more as a place to house ‘master controllers’ as opposed to signal processing? Would that be a fair statement?

Do you think the Global Rack could be a good way to process signal in a ‘master bus’ kind of way?

So for example: have an eq as a post processor, so when I go in to different venues, I can quickly tweak the overall sound to suit the venue. Then by saving that setting, it is applied across the board for the gig.
Or am I missing something about the Global Rack’s routing options?

Thanks for your responses. :slight_smile:

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Another question for clarification:

So, the Global Rack’s settings do not change on a per-song basis then?

Is this a place to put your master keyboards and route them to racks? Or is that better done in the normal Input region at the top of the song states list?



No, you should create your own master bus “rack” and put an instance of it in each song, the audio does not route through the global rack in the way you hoped, it’s wired in parallel instead of series.

Yes, they stay the same from song to song,

No, in my case it’s where I place the midi assignments for my master keyboard that control Cantabile’s features. (Set list selection, Song State switching, transport etc…) As mentioned above due to the parallel configuration the audio cannot route to racks in the songs.

Yes, use the normal input regions in the song routing area.

Hope this helps

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It helps mounds! :smile:


I take it the MIDI is also parallel, then.


By the way, you can use the global rack’s “rack states” to create different configurations for different Master control boards. i have created 2, one for my Oxygen 88 and one for my Axiom 61. I just open the global rack before I begin a set and choose the rack state for the keyboard I’m using as Master that time.

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The midi is handled differently and is routed differently than the Audio so the answer would be no not in all cases, the routings for midi are more complex. The diagrams show this better.

You can view the block diagrams here for more illuminations and probably…questions. :grinning:

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Thank you very much for all of that clarification!! I very much appreciate your input.
Cheers! :blush:

yes, very helpful. Plenty of good ideas to chew on here.

Please forgive my “blockehead” state but how do you actually access the global rack to make these changes? Or is it the page that opens when Cantabile starts (unless a specific song is tagged to start)

Accessed from the View menu. Did the same thing! :blush:


hahahaha! thanks Terry…my “duh” moment for the day!


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Dennis, I’ve had so many blockhead moments in my journey with C3, I’ve lost count. But persistence DOES pay off! :relaxed:

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haha thanks leeskeys…nice to know I’m not the only one !