New User Cold saying hi!

Hi Folks,
I’m a studio guy, bought Cantabile to use as a host for a secondary guitar sim system, that I can run at low latency.
I’m still in the process of setting everything up.
I’m using it with 2 controllers: a Roland FC200 and an ancient Peavey Studio Mix. Both are working as expected.
I expect it will take me some time to get everything set the way I want, but that’s half the fun!

My main musical project is called Sajes Myned you can listen to us on all the usual streaming sites.

Thanks for having me!


Welcome, nice to hear from you. One you get the basics figured out, Cantabile works really good for audio effects chains. I set things up similar as I would in ToneStack on iPad.

There’s so many really amazing effects plugins out there, it’s great having so much to choose from.

Thanks for the welcome!
I’ve never dealt with ToneStack (my iPad is not normally used to do anything useful, just browsing, remote controlling and day work stuff😉).
I figure C3 should be useful for a bunch of things. I’m just playing with racks and bindings at the moment, after having to figure out how to interconnect two systems in a logical way, and building a rack to hold the new system.
So far everything is sort of working the way I expect, with only the standard amount of user error slowing things down.
As I dig deeper I’m sure I’ll have many questions.