New user "Beatlab" introduction

Hello all,

I just want to introduce myself shortly. I´m a semi pro Keyboardist from germany using VSTis on stage since the early days :slight_smile: . I started with Brainspawn “Forte” in 2005 and still use Forte 4 right now. But I´m afraid of having no support anymore etc. So I think it is the right step to move to the only alternative on the market right now. What I´ve seen so far I´m impressed by all the abilities “Cantabile” has and it seems there´s also good support and community.
So my task for the next few month will be to move everything I´ve done with forte to Cantabile.
I´m sure I will miss my “old” workflow the first time, but also am curious and interested about the new approach.
I hope I won´t be a nuisance to you by asking too much silly questions and thank you in advance for any support.

My hardware: Numa Nano 88, M-Audio Code 61, Asrock Deskmini PC (i7-6700, 32GB, 512GB Samsung PRO M2, Win10) HannsG 15,6" Touchscreen, RME Babyface

My most important Instruments: Halion 6, REFX Nexus, UVI Falcon, GG-Audio Blue, …and a lot more



Hi Simon and Welcome to the community :grinning:

There are instructional videos on the main product site along with basic tutorials. The search engine can also help uncover information on a variety of discussion threads that may help. Of course you can post here if you are flummoxed and the community will try to help you out. I hope your transfer to Cantabile goes well!



Hello, and welcome.

My advice is convert one song first - pick your most complex. Once you know how to do it for one…

My learning curve was going from Cantabile 2 to 3 as they were quite different in their operating paradigm. It was a bit of a slog, but well worth doing as Cantabile 3 is orders of magnitude more flexible.

As Dave, says, be sure to check out all of the tutorial material that Brad has available.

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There are quite a a few of us who were sad when Mike decided to retire from Forte. You are correct that the workflow is significantly different. There are a number of videos here you will find helpful. It’s a little confusing at first because the vocabulary is similar, but the words mean different things (e.g. “Rack”, etc.). I have to say my setup is completely different, but I have mostly the same functionality. I no longer HAVE to use Bome MT, Cantabile does everything straight away except user variables.

Get familiar with C3 racks first. Create a simple Rack with 2 or 3 Rack States. You will find these Rack States like synth patches with names like “Bright Piano” or “LuckyMan lead”. From these components, you build songs using routes to wire Racks and Ports together. Don’t try to build perfect racks, there are numerous ways to do things in C3 and you will probably try out several ideas discarding some before settling on one architecture.

I have to say that C3 code is significantly tighter than Forte. Brad is very active with the user community and there are frequent updates and new features. Unfortunately, we don’t have “Evil Dragon” here in the forum, but there are lots of knowledgeable and helpful people.

Welcome and enjoy!


Hi Simon.
If you need help… visit me - we live in the same city. :yum:
I built my second cantabile hardware-keyboard, all in one solution.

(Frank Röllen)

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Thanks all for your warm welcome and useful advice. It´s much appreciated.
I think I will get into it much quicker than I thought originally.
The Videos and this forum is really a massive pool of information.

Special thanks to you Roelli for your kind offer. I´m really interested in your approach and setup.
So you will get a private message from me soon :grinning: