New to Cantabile, can I do these things?

I’m evaluating Cantabile to simplify my setup and so far I’m loving it! Here is my current setup:

  1. Yamaha MOXF8
  2. M-Audio Axiom 61 (controller only)
  3. TC Helicon Perform-VK
  4. iPad running BandHelper
  5. Surface Pro 4 running Cantabile
  6. iConnect MIDI2+ (connects iPad, Axiom 61 and the Surface, Axiom is not supported by WIN10)

All sound is being created by the MOXF8, and C3 is providing very complex midi routes to get the notes and controls to the MOXF8 midi ports needed. BandHelper on the iPad is selecting song layouts in C3 via MIDI.

Things I’d like to be able to do:

  1. Use the Yamaha and TC Helicon USB audio drivers simultaneously to get rid of some of the instrument cables.
  2. Get rid of my BandHelper subscription and split the Cantabile song lyrics out onto a second monitor (iPad using SplashTop).
  3. Automate the TC Helicon from C3 (many MIDI parameters to control)
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

My demo is running out and I’m gonna have to decide whether to pull the old trigger. $200 bucks ain’t cheap, but I love the software so far!

Hi @BigTwisty,

  1. No built in support for multiple audio drivers, but you could try ASIO4ALL which has some support for this, and/or perhaps VoiceMeeter?
  2. Cantabile’s notes panel can’t be split out to a second monitor at the moment. One possibility here is to use an external reader and automate is using Cantabile’s External Script bindings.
  3. Probably - depends what you want, but Cantabile is pretty capable at sending MIDI where and when you need it.

As for the trial, if you need more time email me and I’ll extend it for you.


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For displaying lyrics, take a look at LivePrompter - you can link it with Cantabile, so that whatever song you select in Cantabile, the correct lyrics display in LivePrompter. And LivePrompter also allows you to have the lyrics scroll in time with the song; and if you want to display chords with the lyrics, that can be done, too. Just give it a try - it’s free!



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