New Synth from Cherry Audio - Elka-X

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Hi All,

New offering from Cherry Audio. I never played one but did have a few different Elka organs in the 70’s and liked them all.

Anyone ever play one of the hardware units?




They had one at the last Synthfest, but it had stopped functioning before the time the doors opened! And I think that’s a feature of the Synthex generally…

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I had an Elka 30. It was one of the first organs, with a mobile and double keyboard !! I modified it a bit by inserting a Leslie pedal inside, since it didn’t have one: let’s talk about the 70s !!! an era ago !!!

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Just got this (the VST, not the original!) so about to give it a spin on a rainy Welsh Sunday afternoon (but the garden is grateful!)

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Sounds really good

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I bought it Friday and love it.

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