New stuff in 3623


Hey All,

Just put up experimental build 3623 with a couple of new/improved features:

"By Index" bindings by Name

The “By Index” bindings are now called “By Index/Name” and can now reference an object by name as well as by index.

This lets you do things like create a binding from the background rack to a specially named object in the song or sub-rack and you can type the name of the object so you can reference objects that don’t necessarily even exist in the current song (but may in other songs, or in future).

Prompt for missing set list files

When opening a set list that has missing song files (eg: they’ve been moved or renamed) you’ll now get a prompt where you can choose replacement files:


Binding to UI Commands

There’s a new binding target for binding to UI commands, which lets you do things like map a CC to say “File
Save All” etc…


NICE !! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yeah!!! Thank you so much!!


Very nice Brad, especially the setlist warning! :wink:


Excellent! Thanks so much!


anybody used the 3616+ versions live yet?
is it stable to switch (although the warning) or better stay at 3615?



The Racks By Name is working fine but I have no luck with Plugins By Name or Objects By Name, they don’t appear in the named list even when they are in a song. Am I doing it wrong …?




Hey Dave,

Just ran a quick test here with Plugin By Name and it seems ok. Are you seeing something different to this:



Hi Brad,

I don’t see the plugin’s by name but I do see the racks by name.

Song level with a plugin and a rack with a plugin

BG Rack by name binding, works OK

BG Rack binding for Object, not sure if I’m using it right but there is no plugin listed

BG Rack binding for Object inside a rack, works OK

BG Rack binding for plugin, does not work the same as your video

I don’t show the Tickyclav 2 plugin anywhere, so it doesn’t appear to work the same for me here. You could however see plugins inside the rack when using the Object by Name binding. Let me know if there is anything you need from me and I’ll be happy to send it along.




The build is fine, I didn’t see the Song choice in the rack list part so to make a binding to a plugin at song level I needed to include the Song as the target like this …

and then adding the plugin …

So, it’s all good, sorry for missing that detail. :grinning:

Really nice feature @brad!



Answer, i played with it live yesterday and works flawless.
Tonight a new setlist. I’ll keep you updated :blush:


Second concert. I think we can skip the warning sign. Works great here :slight_smile:
Anybody has probs with the new versions?


So glad I found this software in 2014. It is the most powerful of all live applications.


Thought I should mention that the audio engine error message is still coming up again when I open the Options panel to fix it - so I get it at start-up, then again when I go to fix it.

If the error message could be suppressed when I go into the Options panel it would be appreciated.