New Source of Latency problem Win 10 (solved)

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Ran into this problem with network and C3. All was well but I had been disabling the Wireless and Ethernet network devices because they were causing lags I thought. I re-enabled these 2 devices and got to looking at it with LatencyMon (great helper tool) and the Microsoft Performance recorder and analyser. What I found was a period DPC/ISR spike of 6 mSecs every 4 seconds approximately. This creamed Cantabiles and the RME driver’s ability to make uninterrupted sound and pops occurred. Unusable! I traced the problem to NDIS.sys and dxmanager. I read numerous posts on the net about this sometimes rearing it’s head and a variety of fixes that might help. These ideas primarily revolved around turning off Defender with it’s firewall and security subroutines. This was not the story. For me what ended up correcting the problem was reverting to the Windows 8.1 driver for Intel 82579LM and 82579V network chip. This fixed it! Drivers are almost always encouraged to be the latest one but in this case it was not true. My best guess is that the HP vendor has not reacted to reports of this since it’s an older laptop and don’t have an update driver that deals with it. (8770w) Anyway, thought I’d share my findings. Full networking with no glitches now while running C3.




Good post - I’m researching Windows 10 Telemetry and a few other processes that kick off on my Lenovo x230’s when I wake them up. I sit down to practice my nutty goal of becoming proficient as a Hammond trio organist. I tap the keyboard to wake up the laptop, start Cantabile which automatically loads the practice song I was working on (just drum parts because I’m the bass player, comping and solo parts). Without fail at the 3-5 minute mark I’ll start to hear crackling distortion. When I check processes I see windows antimalware, windows telemetry and some other update related processes using quite a bit of CPU and disk which combined with C3 kicks into 100% territory. I have project Lasso on my Reaper computer so I’m thinking of using that. I’m also researching Windows 10 Group Policy to limit the telemetry. I don’t want Microsoft knowing how much time I spend trying to become a Hammond trio organist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I forgot to mention that my drum parts are developed in Jamstix which is very efficient considering that it is sort of drum AI but much more CPU intensive than playing back drum loops.

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Also Google drive (hBackupRestore) can suck a CPU dry at startup.

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