New Selection Indicators

Cantabile has long let you set colours on songs and states:

But when they’re selected you can’t see the colours - this is particularly annoying when setting colors since you can’t see the change until you select something else.

In the routing diagrams this problem is avoided by using a highlight just on the border of the object, allowing the colour to show through:

Unfortunately, a similar approach on the side panels looks pretty messy - especially the double width line between each item:

Getting rid of the interior lines and adding a semi-transparent fill cleans things up nicely:

But Now It Doesn't Match

The above looks pretty clean but now it's inconsistent with the selection highlights in the main table area (and many other places):

So I've changed everything to the new style:

Ticker Bar Colors

This new selection style also means the ticker bar can now support coloured songs and states:

Available Now

I hope you like the new style - it's available now in build 4184 and later.

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Yup, it’s cleaner.

Cleaner and more consistent, IMHO. :+1:


Go for it!

Definitely more modern and cleaner!

+1 - looks good!

Awesome! That blue highlighting has been kind of a low-key pet peeve. Good stuff.

Works for me, I like colour coding things…

Fantastic ! Thank you ! :heart:

Nice option.

I’ll take that as a yes, this will be in the next build.


Build 4184 available now has this.


Very good, Brad.:+1::person_raising_hand:

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A very big YES!

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Hi Brad,

I tested 4184 and it broke the momentary switch controller bar bindings in the BG rack on my test rig. 4182 also did the same. I tracked it down to 4174 being the first version that broke my BG rack bindings to the Controller Bar. 4173 and earlier are still fine. 4174 was where you added the Controller Bar Binding Points. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hi @dave_dore

Can you provide some more information on this. I’ll probably need to repro it to fix it. Please send some details on the controller bar button setup, any related bindings and exactly what’s not working and I’ll check it out.


Will do …

It’s fixed in 4185. Thanks Brad!!

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Absolutely agree @brad , thank you! More clear!

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