New One Handed Rack

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank @dave_dore for all of his assistance bringing this rack to fruition. Back story…I had been having some issues with my left hand and upon further investigation, it turns out the cartilage in the CVC joint on my left thumb is non-existent and I have a large bone spur that has formed as well. It is something that causes a lot of pain, and I am now in a restrictive brace to keep the thumb immobilized. As you can imagine. that makes left hand work nearly impossible. I found a plug I thought could be of much help, but after a few frustrating hours, I turned to the Rackmaster @dave_dore.

Upon first inspection, Dave said he found it a little troublesome to program, but Dave will not be defeated by a piece of software. After a day thinking about it, this is what he came up with

The VSTi in question is InstaChord 2

First things first. If you think this VST could be helpful or you would just like to have it, it is on sale at the link above for $26.50 USD for 6 more days.

Secondly, the RackMaster has done it again. Dave was able to put together both a one handed, and a 2 handed version that utilizes what I have to work with (my other fingers are free). Not only was @dave_dore able to come up with a brilliant solution, he even did a video tutorial for both install and instruction. If anyone has a need for or could benefit from this, I wanted to post it not only for those who may need it, but also if you would just like to own the VST’, the link above takes you to the sale page. $26.50 is pocket change for this. I would imagine the composers among us would find it quite useful. In the video, Dave details the different ways to use this plug, so whether you are in need or would just like to have this one, just follow the link in the post and you too can own it

The video pretty much explains everything

Dave never toots his own horn, so it is up to me to toot it for him. Just another super well done piece of work by @dave. He basically saved me from being a one handed keyboard player, and along with my Chordz rack, they will serve me well going forward. Hats off to @dave for his continued stellar work. The RackMaster does it again

Insta-Chord_One Hand_#2.cantabileRack (1.5 MB) Insta-Chord_One Hand.cantabileRack (1.5 MB)


Sorry to hear about your cartilage issues, which really sucks, but hopefully where there is a will there is a way… as admirably shown here.

And you are quite right: Dave is one of the deep gurus in Cantabile lore who we learn so much from. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Derek…it went from an occasional twinge (to be expected at our age) to a “holy crap that smarts” within about a 2 week span. I can feel those twinges in my other hand, so I’m sure I’ll be playing racks with my teeth soon. This is truly the last thing I expected…hell, I don’t think I have ever heard the term CVC joint…PVC absolutely, but not this…and I don’t even text much. But I’m hoping this is the be all, end all it is designed to be. Dave took my situation into account and hit it right on the money. It’s a cool plug even if you have no hand issues and the price is so cheap, it’s almost a “why not”? The presets of arpeggio patterns alone is worth it. I’ve been looking to get something going and I just hooked up with a guitarist who was a solo and wanted a duo, and I thought “oh no you don’t” Thankfully Dave came to the rescue. This is a plug I will be using long term for sure


It would probably be a more meaningful post if I actually included the racks…my bad. Here you go. I also added them to my original post above

Insta-Chord_One Hand_#2.cantabileRack (1.5 MB) Insta-Chord_One Hand.cantabileRack (1.5 MB)