New Omnisphere, Keyscape update - failed to load

I noticed that Spectrasonics has a recent update to both Omnisphere and Keyscape, and also noticed the following item in their Release Notes:

  • Fixes issue where the plugin output could become muted after loading multiple DAW projects in a row. This fix was added specifically for Cantabile (a Windows-only Host), but the error is likely reproducible in other Hosts.

So naturally I downloaded and installed this update. But when I try to load a song using one of the plugins, Cantabile failed to load the plugin. I was able to use the Replace Plugin, however if I then saved the Linked Rack, shut down and restarted Cantabile, then loaded a Song with the same Rack, it failed again. (I also did a full plugin scan.)

The error in the log file (zipped and attached) is:
Failed to load plugin ‘Keyscape 3’
System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to load data because it was in the incorrect format (error 13002)
at Cantabile.Core.InteropObject.SetByteArray(Int32 id, Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Core.PluginHost.LoadBank(Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Racks.Plugin.LoadPlugin()

Has anyone experienced the same? Or @brad, is there a quick fix? (9.3 KB)

I’m looking into this and will post back when I have more information.

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce any issues here.

Some questions:

  1. Are you using the VST 2 or 3 version of Omnisphere/Keyscape?
  2. Did you switch from VST 2 to 3 during your described steps?
  3. Do you know what version of Omnisphere/Keyscape you were using before installing the update?

Also, can you send me a copy of your settings folder:

  1. Tools -> Open Settings Folder
  2. Close Cantabile (important)
  3. Send the files log.txt, log-previous.txt, settings.json and plugins.json

And finally a copy of the rack that’s not loading - ideally a copy from before the upgrade if possible.


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Thanks for looking into this. I will try to recreate and respond with the details you asked for - but it will be this evening (US Eastern time) at the earliest. Note that this problem occurred on multiple racks - every rack that I tested that contained an instance of these plugins.

  1. VST 3 (64-bit) of both Omnisphere v2.8.5c and Keyscape v1.3.4c.
  2. I did not switch from VST 2. I have been using only VST 3 for a while now.
  3. Before the update, I was using the most recent version - Omnisphere 2.8.4d and Keyscape 1.3.3d. (I reverted back to that version and the problem went away.)

Hi @Roland_Robertson

If this rectified after reverting to the earlier version of the plugin then I’d say it’s about 95% chance this is an issue with the plugin itself.

Send me a copy of one of the racks that doesn’t work with the new version and I’ll check it out.


Thanks @brad. I figured that this is most likely an issue with the plugins. Attached are zip files containing the files you specified from the settings folders, both before and after upgrading the plugin, along with a Rack containing the plugin (a stripped down version of my original Rack), saved before upgrading the plugin. (after I ugraded the plugin, it failed to load)

I will continue to use the older version of the plugin for now.

KeyscapeTest.cantabileRack (32.8 KB) Settings with New (31.0 KB) Settings with Old (29.1 KB)

Same problem here. Only with the VST3 plugin. Fails to load. When I click the failed plugin suspend switch, the same error that @Roland_Robertson is getting comes up in a pop-up message.

Same here, after Omnisphere 2.8.5c update. Switched to vst2, which works fine.

Has anybody reported to Spectrasonics?

Is it working in other DAWs?

I will try later and see if I get the same problem, and report it if I do.

I’m able to reproduce the error with a Song that loads a Cantabile Rack (using VST3 Omnisphere and VST3 Keyscape), as @Roland_Robertson reported.

In DAWs, both VST2 and VST3 seem to work fine.

No updates from Spectrasonics or Cantabile. I can squeak by this weekend, but I’ll have to revert Omnisphere until updated starting Monday.

Side note: Is there any way to save/re-save an Omnisphere multi without so many clicks?

Same issue here after updating Keyscape (1.3.4c) and Omnisphere (2.8.5c) and Cantabile Performer v4.0 build 4056. Both Keyscape and Omnisphere VST3 fail to load. It happens inside a rack as well as with a single instance in a song. The VST2 plugin does not exhibit this issue, so that is my workaround for now.

I notified Spectrasonics and received the following response:

Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to help you with that!

As of right now – this issue has been noted by our development team and a should be resolved with an update in the future : )

Hope that this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Didn’t notify Spectrasonics yet. I need to do more testing. So far I’'ve been able to recreate the problem in Cantabile’s racks, using VST3. Saving misc combinations of Omnisphere/Keyscape to Songs always works fine.

Recap: Omnisphere 2.8.5 and/or Keyscape 1.3.4 ->

Cantabile Song with VST2/VST3: OK.
Cantabile Rack with VST2: OK.
Cantabile Rack with VST3: Fail to load.
DAW with VST2/VST3: OK

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The new version of Omnisphere and Keyscape released earlier this week appears to have fixed this problem, although they did not specifically mention it in the release notes.