New Laptop - States in Linked Racks question


I’m moving over to use a laptop (from an Alienware NUC) and I’m having issues with a couple plugins and rack states.

  1. Create Linked Rack
  2. Add Plugin (Arturia Clav or Sonivox Strings)
  3. Create Rack State
  4. Change preset in plugin (plain clavinet)
  5. Save State 1
  6. Create new state
  7. Change preset in plugin (phased clavinet)
  8. Save State 2
  9. Switch back to State 1
    Expected: I’d have that first state (plain clav) playing.
    Actual: Phased clav is selected

I’m also having a similar problem with in-plugin settings on the Sonivox (e.g., I add delay to the strings and it appears in every state)

I know this is probably simple and user error… but could use some help. I don’t want to create new presets in the plug ins themselves if I don’t have to.



Please send us a screenshot of the state behavior panel. Check “entire bank” to save everything from the plugin inside a state.


That was the problem - I didn’t have the Entire Bank set (and I didn’t lock the states, so every time I switched states it would take the old value).

I don’t think the Sonivox is reporting some of the info (the effects) correctly, but I downloaded the TAL delay and am using that, which is probably easier anyway.

Thanks for bailing me out…



There is a fix in the very latest build. And you should probably lock anything that locks.