New instrument at Cherry Audio

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Yesterday Cherry Audio released Mercury-6, the recreation of the Roland Jupiter-6.

This underrated synth is not (only) a scaled-down version of the JP8, and it does not have the same sound. It’s based on CEM I.C. while JP8 uses Roland legacy chips for VCO and VCF.


I love it. I wish I had possessed two JP6’s instead of the one (beloved, but definitely not as capable) JP8. This is everything the JP8 should’ve been, and way more.
Yes, an endorsee, but 49 bucks? Are you kidding?


Nice one!

at that price, it may actually be worth getting just for studying the presets and translating my favorites to Surge for my live setup :wink:

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I love Cherry Audio products, but have never been a Roland man, and have enough Roland emulations for the odd time I have a need for a Roland sound, so will probably pass on this one.

Or, in other words, the GAS-o-meter is not triggering on this one :wink:

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Hey, at that price you could get two of them!


I may consider it, I already have mercury 4. Is the 6 really needed :thinking: ?
I’d like to see some emulations of some polivoks though :slight_smile:

A very different instrument, Laura.

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I need to persuade them to do an ARP pro soloist as there is not to my knowledge a modern VST for that (there is an old 32 bit one knocking about). Needed for the early Genesis sound, and it’s why Tony Banks’ early synth sound is so different to all of my other heroes at the the time.


It would be cool to flip a button and have it turn into a Roland SH2000 - which was, to all intents and purposes, a pro soloist. I think they even ripped off the order of the preset instruments.
Makes you wonder why Roland didn’t develop the whole aftertouch thing. Those synths were way ahead as performance controllers. Anyway, that would be a twist on things. :crazy_face:


Adrian said very different. I’d say very² different. :smirk:

Hmmm, I can feel the V-GAS being like a little ankle shark :wink: