New in v4: Binding Conditions

Build 4037 (experimental) available now includes a new “Condition” column in the bindings panel that can be used to test an incoming value and generate a true/false to drive the target side of the binding.

See guide here.

eg: Lighting one of 4 LEDs on an external controller based on the currently selected song state. (note the “Condition” column).


I’m going to use this to control the LED’s on my FCB1010 running EurekaPROM I/O mode


Does this apply to the Solo license, or only to Performer?

My main problem with the newsletters was that any exciting sounding new feature turned out to only be for Performer, and the documentation generally doesn’t make it clear enough which features apply to which license - at least, not to me.

Which reminds me - I tried to re-subscribe to newsletters a while ago, but never got any. Perhaps they’ve stopped? The Community Summary emails kind of do the job better, anyway.

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Performer or Solo apply

The online Cantabile Guide (referenced in Brad’s message above) seems to be pretty good at identifying when a feature is " Cantabile Performer Only". If not specifically mentioned, I think the assumption is that it is available in both Solo and Performer. (I’m not sure about the “Lite” version though.)

It applies to Solo and Performer, however it’s less useful on Solo since there are far fewer source binding points where it applies.

I’ve been trying to get better at this and just the other day I went through all the guides and marked a bunch of features according to which editions they apply.

I checked your account and you’ve already received all the “tip” emails which are sent fairly regularly when you first create an account. Following that, it’s only when I manually send an email that you’ll get something - which is only very occasionally, but also coincidentally today I’ll be sending one about v4 stable.

If not mentioned it applies to all editions (Lite, Solo and Performer) (accidental oversights not withstanding)


Thanks, Brad. I’ll look out for that email.

Same here!! :raised_hand:t4:


I figured out I could perform per my requirements with Solo but I upgraded to Performer just so I didn’t have to wonder if a tip here on the forum that I wanted to implement would work or not. Once I had Performer I started using racks and bindings more so glad I upgraded.


Noted, and as mentioned I’m trying to get better about this.

Great @Brad, I 've been waiting for this. Thanks!

Maybe next step suggestion to allow deeper binding programming:

Be able to target a group of bindings (enable/disable)

Without the need to make a whole state just for that.

You can already enable/disable groups of bindings…

… unfortunately you can’t use bindings or states to enable/disable a group.

Would it be useful if you could?


I would like that! So it has my vote …

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Useful?.. Oh yes! :smiley:

I’m using your Baby gigging 3 times a week in different (rather complicate) configurations, and I face the need to toggle controller mapping for instance.

Let’s say you don’t have enough switches in your controller to control what you wish.
You would like to have a “control” switch or key which changes the “page” (mapping) of your switches.

This “page change” event would enable/disable the group of corresponding bindings and voilà!

Yes, for time being, you can embed this in a “controller” rack, memorizing binding group status in states with “page” event changing states (that’s what I’m doing now) but it is complicated to target VST’s which are in another rack.

You can even duplicate the main rack state to just memorize different status of bindings groups, but it becomes messy.

A binding being able to enable/disable groups (including it’s own group) would be a much smarter solution IMHO.
And this combined with the new “conditions”…hum!!

A kind of “bindings state” within the state!

Let’s dream even further, if I dare…

Multiline bindings with logical operators (i.e Cubase logical editor) :sweat_smile:

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Same here :slight_smile: Racks, states and bindings just made things simpler, so to me Performer was worth every penny (and then some).

Condition feature in action, I used it to sync the rotary speed & brake to an indicator on the Controller Bar. It could not have been done without this feature! Lot’s of possibilities here …



Yes, for reasons mentioned above.