New in 3661 - support for Cakewalk .ins and Reaper .reabank instrument definition files

Build 3661 now lets you now choose named banks and patches by loading either Cakewalk .ins files or Reaper .reabank files when configuring bindings that send banked program changes.

The way this works in entirely within the binding editor - when you click in the value column of a binding that sends a banked program change you’ll get this new dialog:

If you click the Load button near the bottom you can choose a .ins/.reabank file and it will populate the Bank and Program drop downs…

You can configure more than one program in the list and it’ll send them in-order, one at a time each time the binding is invoked.

When the binding target is an external MIDI device, the loaded patch file will be remembered for any binding with the same target. So once you’ve selected a patch file for a particular device it should always appear for any binding to that same device.

Cantabile stores the full path to the instrument definition files. On loading, if the file can’t be found at it’s original location it will look in Cantabile’s Resources folder (see Options → File Locations). So if you want the files to always be locatable it’s a good idea to place them there.

If you’re looking for instrument definition files, try here.

This is a first pass at this… as always I’m interested in feedback and issues.

Thanks @brad!
Will try it out with my Korg Kronos INS file. A good opportunity to breath some life in my Kronos, which now ‘only’ serves as a master keyboard for Cantabile and VST’s… :grin:

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Wow! This is a great help to me @brad! I have started testing on my RD 2000 and it works great, I am stoked yet again.

Super Stuff! :smile:



I have tested it for the Korg Kronos. Works well sofar. As in the INS file both Kronos Programs and Combis (performances) are stored with the same IDs, I am struggling to let Kronos know that I am sending a Combi or Program change. Will check further on the weekend

@Derek, as I know you have a Kronos as well, would you happen to know which message I would have to provide to Kronos to let Kronos understand I am sending either a Program or a Combi change? (57.4 KB)


I think that you have to set the mode manually and there is no way to switch automatically (a lot of keyboards are like this)

The MIDI spec for the Kronos is a little buried, but you can get it from the following link in a zip file. The PDF in the zip is the main file of interest

Hi Derek,

Similar to your earlier post on the MOXF
and with further help from the Kronos forum, I got it to work for Cantabile:

To let Cantabile put the Korg Kronos in a different Mode, the Sysex commands are:
Set List mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 09 F7"
Combi mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 00 F7"
Program mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 02 F7"
Sequencer mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 04 F7"
Sampling mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 06 F7"
Global mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 07 F7"
Disk mode: x"F0 42 30 68 4E 08 F7"

Together with an INS file for Korg Kronos, the following works to load specific Korg Programs or Combis


Cantabile is great!

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Hi, that is good to know you can do that with the Kronos. I never dug into that myself as I only ever gig with it in set list mode (and my Montage in Live Set mode), and my Cantabile rig is set up with that in mind

You could now with a couple of commands trigger the Kronos and Montage from inside the Cantabile song. Saves you a few button pushes on the Kronos and Montage

Until now I gigged either fully in Kronos setlistmode- without Cantabile and laptop, or with Cantabile and Kronos as a master keyboard only. Now we can do both together

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Well, it’s what I do with both at Song level :slight_smile: , but I just make sure they are both in the right mode first. I don’t select specific set entries from the keyboards, that is all done via Cantabile song or state selections, triggered via my Roland FC300 MIDI foot controller.

And, sadly, there is no way to programmatically select a specific live set on the Montage. You have to manually select the right one first. Something I have raised an Ideascale Issue on with Yamaha.

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