New hammond clone, free of charge


Did you know this one?

Not tested yet, sooner or later I will.
Lot of time at home lately…


I’ve had it for a few days and like it. It’s sound quality is not as good as the others, and it doesn’t have anything close to all the tweaks. However, it really quick and simple to use and I’ve had a lot of fun just using it to jam on at home.

  • Paul


I had a listen and was not impressed. And any organ that just provides “just” Jazz, blues and gospel demos gets a big thumbs down from me. No offence to Jazz, blues and gospel fans, but I need to hear a rock organ, and this is what I want to hear! :slight_smile:


It’s ok for a FREE plug. Nothing I would use on a gig. If you add IK Leslie, it is much better, but it was simply designed, and is missing many elements (overtones, leakage, decent Leslie, etc) which serious Hammond addicts (like me) need to express themselves. :roll_eyes: (damned purists)

Now, had this plug appeared before “Charlie” or original “VB3”, I would have jumped right on it. We’ve been spoiled with several great plugs in the past few years, but always looking for the next best thing…thus the addiction. :cold_sweat:

Free is never a bad thing. Hopefully they will develop it further, and become a contender someday, as others have.


That’s what I’ve been saying about rock organ demos too- everyone is afraid to do one :smiley: