New Free Sampleson FIRE Rhodes Bass VST


Hi All,

Another new one from Sampleson with a 60 day free offer. I jumped on it.



Wow, this sounds nice! How did I not know about this company.

My only complaint would be there does not seem to be a way to save settings as a preset, or to control settings changes with state behavior.

  • Paul


Hi Paul,

I’m still trying it out but thought I’d mention that the Pseudo presets in Cantabile will allow storage of presets. At least they do work here. Am I understanding correctly?



I like the sound.
It is heavy on Load, about 50% playing single notes.


I had a big smile when I read this post! I was a proud short-time owner/player of an original FR Piano Bass back in ‘69/‘70. This VST is what it supposed to be: no more, no less. It is definitely meant for that low-time Rhodes sound. If you’ve ever played the original, you’ll know what I mean (and get a slight twinge in the fingers on your left hand). Think the Doors and “Riders on the Storm”. Then to top it off, it is a no-brained for $0.00!