[New Feature] Sliders display value when automated via binding

Build 3519 now shows the value of a slider when it’s changed via a binding:


Nice! Again!! :smiley:

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These features are great, and i haven’t had any issues in rehearsals yet. How long before 35xx is considered stable enough for live performance?


I love these new features, but I’m hanging on until the green light is up for 35xx.

As far as I’m aware 35xx is stable - I’m just holding it back as experimental for a bit longer because a couple of issues have cropped up over the weeks since 3500 was released so I’m being a little (over) cautious about it.

I suspect a number of us (me included) might not be installing the 35xx builds on our main machines in case of problems, so the builds might not be getting the same level of testing as other less dangerous sounding builds. I’ve installed a few 35xx builds on a separate machine out of curiosity, but haven’t been in a position to really hammer it at all.

Once it’s marked stable or “normal experimental”, I’m wondering if you’ll start getting more bug reports…


I’m running the latest builds (35XX) on my 3 working computers and mostly there were gui related problems (not that many) and the usual few details missed from such a large scale migration. The builds are solid as far as I’m concerned but I understand the caution being exercised. I might add that since my set lists transferred over well I might not have opened and tested every gui i have on my systems so disclaimer made but every vsti and plugin functioned as expected and as it did before the switch over. I know some had gui problems with Roland lately but I don’t yet possess such sonic treasure. I started out on my backup laptop at first just to have some cover but I don’t see going back to the previous series at this point. I agree with @Neil_Durant that more folks running it would shake more bugs out if they are there.

And this feature is Excellent!! I however would love if there was a feedback display for the media player speed rotary. Even if the existing drop down box could be triggered when using midi control it would give the percentage. Just my 2 cents…:grinning:


Yep, I’m fully aware of this and that’s also part of the reason for holding back as experimental for so long.

What I’ll probably do is clear out a week to be available to make fixes as quick as possible, mark it stable and be ready for any issues. (this will probably be next week).


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Awesome! Since I have a rare month off with no gigs I’ll work with 35xx exclusively. I’ll be sure to report anything that comes up.

I do work with 35xx (and used it on stage) for 3 weeks now and haven’t had any stability problems. Just GUI-issues which were fixed by Brad already.

These positive reports are positively making me positive I will have to position a 35xx build in my performance machine ASAP!!!