New feature request: View binding

Instead of having the view binding for the side panel just turning it on and off, make it so you can automatically switch it to Recordings/Set List/States/Monitor. I’ve got a song called “Show Mode” that changes a lot of the views around to what I want them to be, the side panel being on “Monitor” view would put everything exactly where I’d like it with a single click.

Hey @Robb_Fesig ,

Sounds reasonable. I’ll put it on the list.


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I’ve figured out how to do this without a specific binding (I can’t believe it took me this long :slight_smile: )

I manually added a hot key for “View - Monitor” in options and set it to the END key. Then in the song I just did:
Source: Song
Event: On Load
Target: Navigation - END

That works perfectly!

Isn’t there a function key that toggles the view? Seem like I remember using it.

I’m always struggling with show/hide panels. Mostly is shift escape to hide some panels but would be much easier if it was a toggle also.

Robb is it possible to upload your song here so we can try it our selves?