New Feature: MIDI Recordings now support musical time formats


Happy New Year All!

Build 3570 (available now) adds the ability to record MIDI files in musical time format. To use it:

  1. Go to Options -> Recorder -> MIDI Time Format
  2. Choose either “Musical (Relative)” or “Musical (Absolute)”
  3. Your MIDI recordings will now include tempo and time signature information and events appropriately time stamped.

See here for an explanation of the difference between relative vs absolute.

Also note that because musical time format requires a running transport, if the master transport isn’t running when a recording starts, the recorder will automatically start it.


Good feature to add @brad! This MIDI recording function and the role of the transport was something I got tripped up by before.

Thanks :grinning:



Thank you so much. Great for song writing when inspiration strikes and auto record is on!
Its very easy to import in a DAW now.