New Feature: Delay Retriggerable Bindings

Build 3633 now includes the ability to limit how frequently a binding will trigger. Just right click on the binding, and choose “Retrigger Period”:

and enter how long needs to elapse before the binding can be retrigggered…


Available now.


Interesting! Does this mean we can delay trigger buttons?
click 1x = Next state
click 2x fast = next song
or something like hold and release for other functions?

No… it just lets you limit how frequently a bindings is triggered (as discussed here).

Great Brad. If can ask, could you add a retrigger mode when a binding si triggered? The name could be “Retrigger when triggered…” with a list of possible choise/es :wink: of bindings. In this window we could confirm and reactivate a binding ‘n’ time by triggering of another and viceversa with possible loop of retriggable binding. This would let me ti avoid lots of work in duplicating of states for example.

Thank you so much!


Yikes, sounds like that could open a whole can of confusing worms. Can you give some examples of exactly how you would use this?

Yes! I normally setup lots of my songs with change of sound using states and using lots of bindings with played note as source. This needs a big amount of time. My goal would be to be able to plan a sequence of activable bindings. Example i play the first note to start play with first sound. Immediatelly After this the second binding configured (not the second in list) would be enabled and the first would be disabled. I continue to play and next, playing the note configured in the second binding, the third configured binding would be enabled and the second disabled and so on. in this way, i could change the environment of this “mapping” in an easy way rather than acting through the big list of states. I hope you understood me.
We can link this post to this if you think MIDI Note groups / chords as binding source?
Maybe A duplicate request? Or we can estend the other post with this…what do you think?
Thank you Brad :slight_smile:

ok, interesting, let me think about it a bit. Any else have thoughts on this?