New Feature - Binding Groups (available now)

Hey Guys,

Build 3547 (available now) includes support for Binding Groups. Check it out…

This is an experimental build which also involves a change to the song/rack file format so I recommend making backups of everything before using this version. That said, (assuming no bugs) I’ve made it so that if you save a song in 3547 and then go back to an earlier version the bindings will still load in the old version - it’s just that your grouping will be lost.

This build also includes Transport Triggers.



@Brad, all these new features are really spoiling us :grinning:

That is excellent, a real surprise rabbit from the hat feature, and one I think we’ll all get benefit from. One thing I was wondering though, was how does state behaviour of a group work in conjunction with state behaviour of bindings within it? Is the group state behaviour a kind of global toggle for all state in the group?


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The only aspect of the group that’s controlled by states and that affects the contained bindings is the enabled flag. For a binding to be enabled, it’s group needs to be enabled and the binding itself needs to be enabled.

Aside from that the group state behaviour and the binding state behaviour are separate.


Yehawww!!! Wow! This is awesome! Finally I can organize my bindings… this is stunning! :smile:

Thanks Brad!

I’m so busy at the moment that I don’t have to time to check out all those features. But I can’t wait to put my hands on it!!

BTW: Any news about the the encoder-feature I asked for (encoder-mode showing up in the learn-window)? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Great for organizing bindings! I’ve been using color coding for now but this is so much better!

Brilliant! This will make a big difference in helping to keep my mind organised!

Tried the new version, and it made all the bindings in my background rack invisible/non-functional.
Background Rack - Copy.cantabileRack (83.6 KB)

I made backups/screenshots of everything, I’m going to try a new background rack from scratch with the groups and see how that works.

I recreated my background rack, and it appears to be working without issue. I’ll know better tonight when I try it at rehearsal. NBD :wink:

edit: Transport triggers are AMAZING!

Hey @Robb_Fesig Sorry to hear this. I’ve just been doing some testing here and haven’t been able to reproduce any issues.

The file you attached above - is that the file from before or after you installed 3547? It has no bindings in it. If you’ve got the file from before installing 3547 can you send me a copy of it?


Not yet - haven’t decided on the best solution. Not sure just adding the option to the learn window is the best approach and have some ideas for a better alternative.

Yes, build 3547 wiped out all the bindings in embedded racks in the background rack on mine too. I have too many bindings in there to practically recreate manually, so I’m reverting to 3546 from my backups for now. I did a diff of the background rack before and after build 3547 and there are definitely whole sections missing (size went from 592kb to 361kb!!).

It also caused lots of changes in one of my other racks that I just added a new state to, and there are many changes to the file that look unexpected. So I’m not sure I trust build 3547’s effect on other racks either.

Good thing @brad got us to make backups!! :slight_smile:


Hi Brad. I thought the rack I attached was from before 3547? I’ve attached a backup of my background rack. I have all the bindings in embedded racks, maybe that’s why they’re not showing up?Background Rack - Copy.cantabileRack (83.6 KB)

I recreated my background rack in about 5 minutes and everything worked flawlessly with the new build, so this isn’t an issue for me any more.

Hey All,

So there was a bug here related to embedded racks. It should be fixed in new build 3548 (available now).

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Never a safe assumption - especially with experimental builds.



That looks like it has fixed it! Thanks @brad!! :slight_smile:



Lovely feature !
Maybe add an export/import function, so we can load most used bindings again?

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That’s possible, but in the meantime, don’t forget you can copy/paste between racks/songs to move bindings around.


Hi, been away for a few months, and found all these new features to play with :slight_smile:

Wondering how folk are using the grouped bindings?

I have a global “bindings” rack that is in every song. I then have embedded racks for each piece of hardware. with bindings in the embedded rack. Like this.


This was mainly for organisation as putting all the bindings wihtin the main bindings rack was unwieldy. It also didn’t work well where I needed a button from one device to control a plugin or device in another rack.

With binding groups I can go back to putting them all in the main rack. Any downsides?



First time I used this feature on the weekend. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t change where I out the bindings (song or racks, including my “global for setlist” rack, which goes into all songs in a setlist), but it is nice to logically group them to make them easier to see what they relate to. E.g.

  • Patch Changes
  • Lighting Cues
  • State Changes
  • Etc.
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Yes, and I use the group bindings to enable/disable a logical group, depending on a rack state e.g…



I hadn’t thought of that. That might be really helpful for experimenting-duplicate a group of bindings and change them around for testing, but all the while having the original group available.

Also for using different hardware at home vs full rig stage vs small gig - have rack states for the different locations which enable the relevant groups.