New fatal error involving libSkiaSharp

The minidump was too big via the error dialog, but I did send the zip files without the dump. I can try to send the dump if you think it will help. I was attempting to open the VST Editor for Ivory II (American Concert D). Today was the first time this has happened, but it is happening every time. I was in that same editor as recently as about 2 weeks ago.

EDIT: Build 3540 (x64)

EDIT 2: Turning off the Enable High-Resolution for Cantabile Windows" option gets around this issue.

Hi @Roland_Robertson

Thanks for reporting this… you can upload the crash report here.

Also, probably easiest if I can reproduce it here. What do you have your Windows and Cantabile resolution settings set to? (Actually if you send the crash report I might be able to glean it from there)


Uploaded the crash report. Here is a screenshot of the setting I THINK I was using.

Disabling the Hi-Res option appears to be a suitable workaround.

Thanks @Brad for checking into this.


Thanks @Roland_Robertson

I’ll try to look at this before the next build…


Hi @Roland_Robertson

Found it… will be fixed in the next build. Definitely a bug in libSkiaSharp but found a work around for it.


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