New Discovery MODO Bass

Hi All,

I have been logging more and more Bass guitar duties from the keys and have found this relatively new plugin from IK Multimedia called MODO Bass. It’s modeled with a small cpu and memory footprint and very authentic sound. Worth a look if you do double duty on the keybed … and there’s a great sale on right now too!


I like it. I think Scarbee basses sound better; more natural and realistic, but you certainly get a world of flexibility in MODO you wouldn’t get there.

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I have both - for new bass tracks, I now go to MODO bass. It’s just far easier to lay down a somewhat convincing bass line with MODO as a keyboardist.

Sure, if you want to really spend time with Scarbee, you can get closer to a realistic bass - but if I need that, I simply call my bassist :wink:

And - unless you are producing a song that REALLY features the bass prominently, good enough is good enough. MODO definitely is good enough for 90% of what I’m doing…



I’ve got the Scarbee Rickenbacker (the bass sound of prog!), which sounds great and Spectrasonics Trillian.

Also still have Steinberg Virtual Bassist, which is still just about working (courtesy of JBridge in Cubase 9)

Yeah, I use that Ric a lot! It’s also the sound of late period Beatles :wink: And Trilian is good for a bass that’s down in a mix and just being… er, basic :wink: The old Scarbee Black Bass with flatwounds still gets used a lot in my stuff too…

Yeah, I just love the sound of the Ricky - so many iconic bass players used it, such as Chris Squire and Geddy Lee (my two favs). It’s not just the sound of course, but the way they approached playing it.

I use Scarbee a lot in my music. Haven’t tried the Rickenbacker one but I do love the real thing, especially when played through a big Ampeg SVT rig.
I have Scarbee MM and Pre and the Pre gets the most use here. Might have to take a look at the Rick too.

One track, Under the Fig Tree, on my last album, makes use exclusively of Scarbee. It is only two instruments, Pre bass and A200 Wurli.
Free download from my site here (it’s on the Hidden Gems album at the top of the page)…

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