New Blog and Commenting System

Hey Guys,

I’ve made some changes to the Cantabile Blog.

  1. I’ve ditched Medium and moved to a self hosted Ghost blog.

  2. Unfortunately Medium doesn’t support exporting comments so they’re all gone, but…

  3. I’ve integrated it with this community site so that comments are part of the forum:

    • When a new blog post is created, there will be a topic here on the forum automatically created in the blog category.
    • Posts to that forum topic will be shown at the bottom of the post back on the blog site.

Effectively this means, your forum login becomes your login for commenting on the blog.

For the time being I’ve disabled the Blog category from appearing the home page here because over time there will be a topic created for all of nearly 200 blog posts - which would be annoying.

Let me know if you notice any problems.