New Batch Editor for Cantabile


Wow, nice work Tom. JSON FTW :slight_smile:


@Brad. Yes - I am SO glad you chose JSON as the storage format for C3 files!


I have a StreamDeck here, and would be happy to beta test your effort! This really could make my StreamDeck much more useful to me than what I’ve been using it for so far.



I can’t imagine not using my Stream Deck! Just having it switch to the appropriate layout when I flip from program to program is an incredible feature - meaning that the controls for any application I’ve set up are always there. My ‘Firefox’ page, for instance, has my most-used web pages available at a single click, also play/pause and volume buttons for YouTube.

Here on my laptop I can manage with a few buttons, but in the studio my XL model has buttons that switch my mixer views and invoke macros for such as reverse reverb, folder and group tracks, zoom to project up/down and the like. I even have buttons that set the colour of the lights in the studio!

For a while I was also quite pedestrian in my use of Stream Deck, but once you begin to grasp the possibilities (especially by creating multi-key-press macros), then it becomes an indispensible wing-man!

Tom’s software does look very good so far, especially in that it is interactive with Cantabile, but it does replace the standard Stream Deck software, rather than run under it, and currently it is not customisable… That said I think it will be a godsend for most people, especially if the thought of setting all these controls up for themselves is daunting.


The issue with the Stream Deck software is that it is essentially one-way. There is no way to, for example, tap into Cantabile’s Network API to display information from Cantabile on the Stream Deck. That was my main reason for developing C3SD. It should run fine with the Stream Deck software loaded, as long as the latter is not trying to control the Stream Deck while Cantabile is running. I find it easiest just to close Stream Deck to be safe. My assumption is that when people are running Cantabile, especially during a live performance, they want it to be the sole focus of the Stream Deck.


Hi Terry,

I sent you a couple private messages through this forum. Please reply if you are still interested in testing C3SD.