New B3 emulation with a twist

Reviewed in Keyboard Magazine. B3/synth hybrid. I’m sticking with VB3.

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I tried the demo. Interesting but, like you said, it is a twist on the Hammond sound. Leslie is on the cheesy side, organ does sound good. I intend to try it with MvintageRotary and VB3 fx when time allows. AND, yes, I also am sticking to VB3, although I am starting to dig the combination of VB3 and B5.



Corky, is there a particular combination of presets from B5 and VB3 that you like?

I am still experimenting with different combinations. I tried setting them up exactly alike, and it wasn’t bad at all, but I am finding that using VB3 lower drawbars and B5 higher drawbars is working very well. It is like I am bringing the best that both have to offer to the table. What really surprised me was the two leslies working so well together. I will send you some of my presets I am trying in between gigs this weekend.



Didn’t listen to it yet but yeah, I don’t think the intent is to sound like a Hammond at all. They seem to want to take the idea of the Hammond tone wheel/drawbar system as an early form of additive synthesis and run with it. So ideally it wouldn’t even have a Leslie sim; it would be used for pads and atmospheric sounds. I’ll listen when I get home…

Actually, a lot of the presets are organ presets. There are several parameters on the leslie, but can’t quite get there. There are presets for electric pianos and basses…etc. Many pads, solos, fx, and atmospheres. Some of the presets are not bad, but nothing I couldn’t already get with my other VSTs.

Huh, I listened to the demos on their website and it does seem they are going after a traditional Hammond sound in addition to the more synth-y sounds. Sooooooo… yeah. Kind of hard to tell just who this is being pitched at. I suppose I should download the demo and fart around with it some…

It seems to me to be a Swiss Army Knife of sounds. I did find some usable pads and leads, but most everything else was “meh”. I think the organ could be usable with another leslie VST, but doubt it would get near VB3. I plan to try it that way just to see, tho.