Network Server API Question

Hi @brad,
Now that I have started to play around with Stream Deck, I’m also investigating the Cantabile Network Server. I already had all my song sheets as static html pages before I moved to Cantabile. As such, I never used Show Notes. I always view my notes on a tablet in front of me. But now I realize that I can use the Cantabile Network Server to host/serve my song pages as well - and be able to control C4 from the same files.
I’ve been playing around using your sample index.html, but I might be missing something. I want to implement the Next Song function, but in your sample I only see: global.setList.nextSongPartInstant
I can’t find any reference to the nextSongPartInstant function in the API documentation. Is it a new function?
Should I be able to change this to global.setList.loadNextSong?
Thank you - David

Hi David,

That sounds like a fun project. Which index.html are you referring to?

I think you might be getting confused between API methods and Binding points.

  • Some parts of Cantable can be controlled through dedicated API’s as documented here.
  • Included in that API is the ability to invoke bindings - which basically gives access to other things not covered by the API but does include everything covered by bindings.

What you’re referring to “global.setList.nextSongPartInstant” is the internal name for a binding point target - so it needs to be invoked through the binding api eg:


For a full list of available binding points on your machine where Cantabile is running (while it’s running) go to http://localhost:35007/api/bindings/availableBindingPoints

Does that help?


btw: I just noticed some of the links from the guides are broken - I’ll get them fixed soon.