Nembrini released a new portable racking solution $29.99 intro price

Nembrini Nexus works as a sub-host and as a stand-alone host. Of course as a stand-alone its not in the same league as Cantabile, but it is very well thought out imo and does brilliantly support the use case of creating and saving plugin chains and fully automating them and saving the whole mess as a preset. And Nexus (as a plugin) is able to be loaded in whatever live or studio DAW you wish and entire chains can be recalled as a simple preset selection within Nexus. So similar to Metaplugin, but much more refined imo.

I did notice some weirdness with midi connections to midi learn parms inside some plugins that have that functionality (Neural DSP has problem, Cherry synths fine). But it also supports a simple form of bindings similar to how Cantabile does midi and that works great.

For me its the perfect compliment to Cantabile since often times a guitar tone or a synth tone is an entire chain of plugins, and now that can be 100% portable. Of course how rapid it can swap might be an issue, haven’t tested that yet since for me that would be extra icing on the cake.


Already have it. Nembrini version of Blue Cat…somewhat.

Have you used Nexus much yet? I dove in pretty deep with it today and its not even close to being ready for prime time. All sorts of glitching and some crashing too on certain plugins. For me a typical guitar tone takes about 8 plugins to do, and the Nexus UI gets very stutter-y and the plugin UIs start flashing a lot, and the controls get unresponsive. Dialing a knob even makes zipper noises while the knob action stutters.

LOL, I suppose this is what I get for buying before deep testing, but I figured it would be like all other Nembrini stuff and good to go after taking a quick test drive. But I suppose this product isn’t in their wheelhouse since its actually a host/sub-host and not an amp sim… Hopefully they get it straightened out…one of these that works would sure simplify things for me.

Yeah, I agree. I think they didn’t cook it long enough before serving it to their guests. A little on the raw side. :grin:
I will check it deeper when I get a chance.