Need to translate one keystroke to another keystroke

I have an AirTurn Stomp 6. It’s a pedal board with 6 switches that outputs various, non-changeable keystrokes. I have two of the switches to go forward and backward in my setlist. I put the binding in my background rack and it’s been working great for years.

I have another binding that opens a PDF with the music I need for each song. Some songs have multiple pages (I can usually fit two pages on a screen, but sometimes the song have more than 2). At this point I have to physically hit the RIGHT button on the computer to turn the page in the PDF program. What I’d like to do is use two of the other switches on my Stomp 6 for page turns. What would be ideal is a binding that would look for a keypress (e.g. F7) and convert it to a system wide keypress (RIGHT button). The problem is, the output part of the keypress binding in Cantabile doesn’t have a keypress option.

I’ve tried Brome and either I don’t know how to use it or it isn’t doing what I need to do. I’ve sent a MIDI CC number to it and asked it to output the RIGHT button, but no luck. Any ideas (without asking Brad to include a keypress for an output on bindings)?

I got it! PowerToys can remap keys.

Works great and I don’t have to buy Brome. :slight_smile:

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Have you considered bindings and using Navigation as the target, as in

This binding will trigger a “right” key press.