Need SSD Advice

I own a Lenovo lap top computer with 1 T Gig hybrid hard drive. I know that purchasing an SSD drive will enhance the performance of a computer but I have a question about replacement my current drive.

Should I replace my current drive with the SSD or should I keep my current drive for the OS and replace my CD drive with the SSD and install my vst software(Komplete 10, Sampletank 3.6, etc) on the SSD drive?

Should I move my page file to the SSD?


Hi John,

I moved os and all vst software to ssd and removed all spin drives. I do have extra ssd for some additional sample sets. I run the swap (page) file on the ssd as a result but would anyway because of faster access times. Good publication by founder @brad Glitchfree which has other details on system building for live music applications. A great read!

Particularly if you’re taking your computer out and about while gigging, going fully solid-state is the more reliable option. And the boot-up time you get with your OS on SSD is fantastic!


And be aware if you replace your CD Drive , very often , It’s only SATA II ! Your SSD wont’be at full speed (SATA III) !