Need help tracking down a bug: show notes not updating


Hey All,

I’ve had reports of an issue in some of the later builds of Cantabile where the show notes panel stops updating. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce it so I’m hoping for a bit of crowd sourced help to narrow it down. If you’ve got a few moments could you please try to reproducing this and report back what you find.

Here’s what I know:

  • The problem manifests as the show notes panel failing to update on song and state changes.
  • The panel remains responsive and can still be interacted with, it just shows the wrong show notes.
  • The problem seems to happen after File -> Revert
  • It could be related to something else in the song, a referenced rack or the background rack, so try with different combinations of songs and racks.
  • I don’t know if its 100% reproducible, only happens in some circumstances or is timing related.
  • I don’t know which build this started in but first reports happened around 3590.

If you can reproduce it please send me the associated song, racks, and background rack along with some detailed steps on how to make it happen. If you’re really keen, anything you can do to narrow it down would be awesome (eg: remove racks one by one until it stops happening etc…)

Also, knowing exactly which build it started in would be useful. If you can reliably reproduce it, try going back a few builds and see if you can figure out which build it started happening in. (Make a backup your settings file first since it’s changed a few times recently and older builds might lose some of your controller bar configurations, record port sets etc…).

I suspect it’ll be an easy fix once I can reproduce it but need some help figuring out how.

All help greatly appreciated…



Hi Brad,

I use one screen png images that import into show notes and have no problems with it but don’t have any scrolling, just one screen at a time per song. Are the issues with typed in notes or file imports or both?

I have a machine set up just to mess with this kind of stuff and to keep it short I was just setting up some simple songs that went from a different direction with no racks or plugins and just notes and states in each song, Right away I noticed issues on state changes involving scrolling. Are the scroll positions remembered on each state change or do they need bindings to ensure they come up right every time? I ask because my initial song will not remember scroll positions on state changes. I have yet to test the notes from song to song and their integrity but wanted to know about this first. Version 3592




Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help with this. By default the scroll position should be maintained between state switches.
This can however be affected by show notes that are hidden/shown states. Cantabile doesn’t store or affect scroll position between states.



Hey Brad,

Got it, thanks for the clarification. Now I know how and what to look for.



After spending three days trying to reproduce this, today I set it aside to look at something else and of course it happened straight away. Pretty sure this is fixed in 3593.



@brad : I haven’s seen this. But I noticed something else: in the webUI, it seems last line of states and notes sometimes does not show - it stays hidden under the bar at the bottom that has the transport controls and I can’t scroll to it. Only the case when there is enough stuff so that scrolling is needed. Related?


So far I work around this by adding a dummy state/line at the end.


Quick update… there is still another issue here which I’ll get fixed asap.

Thanks for reporting! I’ll check it out next time I’m looking in that area.



Build 3594 should fix this for good!


That was fast, tx for that!