Need Harmonica VST

Does anyone know of a Harmonica VST that can be used in performance with an EWI?

I remember Chris Hein having a harmonica Library that I seem to recall sounded pretty decent but I don’t know what it goes for these days and as a Kontakt instrument I’m not sure how it would do with the controller. I’m surprised that Samplemodeling hasn’t done a harmonica.


Auditory & DSK, but I normally play the real thing.


I don’t think SampleModeling is doing much of anything lately (except a recent update of an existing product). The really active organization in Italy is AudioModeling, although no harmonica.

Right you are, had forgot they morphed… it is basically the same people, right??

I’ve never heard anything from Sonivox that didn’t make me throw up in my mouth

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No, completely separate entities (and it wasn’t a friendly split). I started with the Samplemodeling “The Trumpet” and “The Sax Brothers”. After the creation of Audiomodeling’s, I purchased many of their wind instruments (on both Windows & iOS platforms) and the Upright String Bass. IMHO, there is a huge difference in sound quality and playability. Search YouTube for “SWAM”.

I play an EWI and have used some free sf2 harmonicas, just search and you’ll find them. They’re OK for standard tones but for blues I haven’t found anything very good. You can run the sf2 thru a preamp or guitar amp vst to get driven tones, but nothing I’ve heard so far comes close to the real thing. I think I saw a blues harmonica library recently, it seemed decent but I’d already moved on to the real thing.