Need advice: Akai MPK249 of M-Audio Code 49?


I use c3 for live performance in an 80s covers band plus some 70 funk and disco fun. I use a fully weighted stage piano as my main board and am looking to add a second layer with a lighter action for those fills, brass etc that do not lend themselves to a weighted action. I want after-touch to add more expression, swell vibrato etc. I also want loads of assignable controls to control VSTs.

I have narrowed it down to the Code 49 or the MPK249. I think I am edging towards the Code 49 but I am scared of reports that it causes stuck notes - especially with the after-touch. The MPK249 looks to have a more clunky / clumsy / unnecessarily complicated workflow and is 50% more expensive.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Definite vote for the MPK 249!

By far superior feel of the keybed (even though the shorter black keys take a bit of getting used to). Also, the keys velocity response is far more useful on the Akai - the Code 49 slams through to full 127 too easily, especially if you’re mostly a pianist and use a weighted action on your main board.

The regular stuck notes and freezes on aftertouch that I’ve been experiencing would be a nightmare on stage (I used it in the studio only, but have now replaced it with the MPK 249 - you can have my Code 49 for free…) - I’d definitely advise to stay away from the Code 49.

Workflow-wise, I honestly don’t care too much - set things once in a preset on the MPK, and then do the rest in Cantabile…



Thanks Torsten!

That is exactly why I asked the question.

Out of curiosity, regarding the note freeze issue … hasn’t there been a fix / workaround? It is a pretty fundamental flaw imho.

Also, do you know if it is possible to send cc or program change messages to the Akai? I would like c3 to send updates for the pad colours as a visual indication what scene / preset we are at.



+1 for the AKAI, I’ve got the 61-key version and it’s great, good keyboard feel, the controllers and pads feel great too and most importantly (for a middle aged mad too old for lugging stuff around) it’s really light!


The MPK249 has a lot going for it, as Torsten has mentioned. However, the MPK261 I had had very poor aftertouch. The black keys needed so much pressure that I simply could not register any with my pinkie. The pads have a great feel but I noticed that their poly aftertouch (IIRC) didn’t zero if you released them quickly. I guess not a big issue for most but the Novation Launchpad Pro does zero perfectly on every release.

Any reason you excluded the Alesis VI49?