Need a Piano Roll Plugin

Hi folks,

I want to use SSD drums plugin in a Cantabile “song”. It comes with kits and “groovers” but doesn’t really have a piano roll/sequencer (best I can tell). So I want a simple “piano roll” like in my DAW as a VST to put right before SSD in my path that will feed the midi grooves back to SSD.

I found this tool called midiLooper that seems to be what I want, but it’s kinda “wonky”. Keeps playing past the loop as displayed on screen…and besides it’s not supported any more.

One answer of course would be use a drum kit that let’s you build out the sequence you want to play the grooves. But I have several drum tools already that come with midi grooves, but no way to line them up and trigger them in a play sequence. Thus my search for a simple piano roll VST.

Any thoughts appreciated! Below is how i’m routing this … and it does play, but this tool is a bit strange. Outdated, tiny on my large screen, and doesn’t play the loops like it seems like I have told it to.

Why not create your midi in your DAW, export it as a midi file, then use it in Cantabile media player? Also, there are drum vsts with piano roll included, but they can be a little pricey. I would have to search what is available, because it’s been awhile since I worked with a piano roll. If I find something, I will post it.

BTW…welcome to the forum David. Hopefully, someone else will chime in with an answer before I can get back to you.



Thanks Corky. Yes, fairly new to Cantabile. Loving it for live jamming sessions!

You are on to something here. I honestly had not looked at Media Player thinking it was just “audio” files. So I was able to just now drag the midi groove from SSD onto my desktop (skipping daw) and then load it into a media player instance. Changing it to be a “slave” to the host clock and it worked great as soon as I hit “play”.

However, It played only once. So I need to either find a way to loop it, then trigger the next sequence I want (when I want it), or just as you say, build out the entire intro->ending ahead of time in the DAW and save that midi out. Ideally i’d like to trigger each change of groove “live” when I feel like a new groove as i’m playing! :wink:

Yeah, i’d love Superior Drummer but it’s a bit out of my price range and never goes on sale. EZ drummer would do, but SSD was on sale for 99 bucks and sounds great. I have Kontakt/Complete too but I don’t think those have sequence builders either. So I have lots of midi grooves and great drums at least. :wink: And about 10m samples now for XO to scavenge. Just trying to find the best way to put them together “live”.

I’ll keep playing with it and see. About bed time, but thanks for the tip! You pointed me in a good direction. I’ll check it out more in the next few days.


Hi David and Welcome,

To loop the media file, audio or MIDI select the media player with the file then go to View>Timeline


Then open the loop hamburger menu and set your looping parameters …

the orange braces allow you to set up multiple loops inside the file as well as detailed in the online manual




Got it working! Thanks all. Not sure why though I have to use the Sync Mode of “Master” in the Media Player. The docs would indicate that would make IT the master clock. I though Cantabile itself needed to be the master clock. But it seems to be working now this way.

Anyway, only by selecting “Master” will the midi loop.

Slave Realtime launches with the top Transport “Play” but doesn’t loop. (loop on set to infinite).

Sync mode “slave/musical” just keeps on playing out past the loop end bar…no notes out there.

I’ll go re-read the docs in the AM and maybe clarify all this for myself. But either way, I have a solution!

Now I want to be able to either use multiple media players, or set multiple midi drum files in ONE media player, and trigger them to jump to next sequence on command…and i’ll be golden.

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Hi David,

Glad you got it going but I also remembered a simple piano roll sequencer I found a while back that might just do it too. Here’s the link, it’s free