Need a little help to find the problem


Due to a family issue, I hadn’t used my keyboard studio for several months. Just got back to using it this week, but I’m noticing an odd problem and need some help to troubleshoot the cause.

When using Cantabile3 Solo on a Win7 PC 64-bit, all my VST’s are making a faint but noticeable “bip” sound about every second. As an example, for the GSI VB3 VST, I hear the “bip” no matter what key I press, but If I get out of Cantabile and run the standalone .exe version of VB3, there is no “bip”. I checked other VSt’s I use in Cantabile (Kontact5, Z3TA synth, Sampletank3) and get the same “bip” sound. Oddly, although most any key pressed will make a tone and have the “bip” sound, for some reason the F key pressed did not make the “bip”.

I thought it might be related to the metronome, so made sure that was shut off.

I use ASIO4ALL as the Audio Engine, and Voicemeeter Banana to enable use of Sonar Platinum and Band-In-A-Box to all run with Cantabile. Audio set at 44,100.

Any guidance on how to troubleshoot this problem?


I’m by no means the expert here but the first thing I would try is a clean config that doesn’t include Banana. This help page on multi configs could help with this troubleshooting step:

Cantabile Multi Config


BTW, If you’ve been out of the loop perhaps you haven’t seen this: