Neal Peart Dead At 67


Peart died in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday and had been suffering from brain cancer. A family spokesperson confirmed that Peart had been diagnosed with brain cancer three years ago, but hadn’t announced it publicly to the band’s massive fanbase.

I am stunned. Very sad.


How many letters do I need to just right “Meh…” . . . I heard he hadn’t been well…
:cry: :


Hey Corky,

I first saw Neil in Calgary in 1975 on their first big Canadian tour! He was one of the greats without a doubt, Gone too Soon …

On another sad note It is a challenging time in the world in many areas, in our own friend Brad’s country the Australians are suffering an awful experience right now and it breaks my heart to see the suffering by all it’s inhabitants. :cry:



I agree Dave. Everything seems so out of kilter in so many places. Joy is headed toward extinction.


Just three. Brad changed the 26 letter requirement after I hounded him. Now I can do “+1”. Sorry for the hounding Brad.


Just shattered. We’re literally working on an album that channels 70s Rush and this happens. I don’t even know how it will be received now. Neal wasn’t necessarily the greatest drummer of all time but his influence on a generation of rock drummers was in the same league as Eddie Van Halen was on guitarists. He was the perfect drummer for Rush. RIP.


Bummer. I’ll buy one.


I’m devastated.


Me to.

I feel the same as when Chris Squire checked out of the planet. Of course I did not know these people personally, so it’s not the grief of losing a close friend or family member, but their music had such an influence on my life that I cannot imagine them no longer being here to make music. But what a back catalogue they have left for posterity.

I still remember listening to a BBC Radio 1 “Friday Rock Show” edition sometime in 1979 (I think), which ran through a listeners’ all time top ten. There was no iota of interest for music within my family to influence me when growing up prior to that, so I was finding my own way as my own musical interest came along, and through this one specific radio show episode I heard bands like Yes and Rush for the first time, and I was blown away. I was 15 or 16 at the time, and it changed my life to hear tracks like Xanadu, 2112 and Starship Troopers (the live Yessongs version) on that show.

I know opinions like this are subjective and personal, but I think we have just lost the best drummer ever to grace the planet.