"Navigation"-Bindings bug

Hi Brad,

unfortunately all bindings with target “navigation” don’t work anymore.

Warm greetings,

Hey @brad Same here on 3577 …

Edit : I looked into it and it quit working on build 3558. Build 3557 and earlier work.


Thanks I’ll check it out.

Hi Brad,

also with build 3578 navigation bindings still don’t work.


Hrm… I did make some changes for 3578 which seemed to fix it here for me. Some questions:

  1. Can you post me a screen shot of which navigation bindings you’re using.
  2. What keyboard layout/language do you have selected in Windows?


3578 fixed it here, the navigation bindings are working for me.


Hi Brad,

here you are:

Screenshot of my Bindings related to “Navigations”.

The last 12 bindings with target “Navigation” don’t work at all. All triggers for that purpose are coming from a launchpad-mini.

And I’m using a German keyboard layout.


Hi Peter,

Sorry for the slow reply on this. I’ve just been investigating this again and I can’t reproduce any issues in the latest build 3578. I’ve switching to german keyboard layout and that works fine too.

Some questions:

  1. Are you sure you’re running 3578 - there was definitely a bug here that was fixed.
  2. Are the bindings getting invokved correctly (ie: do the little green indicators on the bindings light up?)
  3. Do the binding’s work if you manually trigger them with the little play button on each one.

I’m also curious why you’re using “trigger” bindings here. Why not just bind directly from whatever you’re driving this from? ie: what’s invoking these “on specific trigger” bindings?


Hi Brad,

I just checked all your points, but nothing noticeable. Indeed I’m running 3578, all bindings work correct, the green indicators light up and also by manually engaging these navigation bindings nothing happens.
Additionally I tested a direct binding from one of my keyboards, but no change at all, navigation binding do not work.

Currently I’m running Win10_v1809. Programs in the background are RMEs TotalMix in conjunction with my Hammerfall card, Bome MT, Chameleon in conjunction with Panda and last but not least two instances of AutoHotkey. That’s all. But disabling these background-programs makes also no changes.

First time the navigation binding bug occurred some day in autumn last year, but I never reported that issue. Now I can’t tell exactly the build of cantabile this happened for the first time. Maybe from build 3558, but I’m not sure‽ Sorry for that.

The way I’m using triggers could have it’s own topic.
Reading Cantabiles User Guide or Cantabiles forum, there is almost nothing written about Cantabiles triggers, as far as I can tell. For me a high important and topical subject‼
I’m trying a short essay to the beauty of triggers. :slight_smile: Here you are:

I. The benefits of Triggers
The most outstanding fact: Triggers are recognized everywhere.
ʘ You’ll be able to switch programs, states, bypasses or complete scenes of random racks from any input you want.
ʘ You can use just one Trigger with as much racks as you want for bigger setups. A central/global reset is easy done with triggers.

Another useful benefit is the possible execution delay for every trigger from 0 to 10000 milliseconds. I’m considering to use that for specific fades, fired by just one Trigger. Useful for fade-outs/-ins or lightning purposes and further more. A huge playground.

II. Organizing Remote Buttons/Switches
Buttons are the most common application for triggers, using the buttons of your keyboard, pedals, launchpads and others. They usually send with Button-down-events a Note On-Command, like 0x[90 00 7F], or Controller-On-Command, like 0x[B0 00 7F] and on button-release-events a Note-Off-Command, like 0x[90 00 00], or Controller-Off-Command, like 0x[B0 00 00].
You can decide whether you engage a trigger by a button-down- or a button-release-event, but triggering with release opens the possibility to use short and long button strokes with double functionality.

III. Preparing a sophisticated Trigger concept
Be aware that Triggers can’t be named, they are only distinguished by their numbers. So you have to organize your trigger-numbers very well.
A total number of 16384 triggers is restrictive, representable by 14 Bit. Reserving 256 (8 Bit) Triggers per rack leads to a maximum number of 64 (6 Bit) racks. Depending on how you are using racks you’d easily exceed the limit if you don’t care. I’m using racks sorted by
- 10 Analogue Input Racks
- 6 VST-Instrument Racks
- 12 Insert Racks
- 12 FX Racks (BUS)
- 8 Subgroup Racks
- 6 Remote Input Racks
- 6 Remote Output Racks
- 2 MIDI-In Fingerboard Racks
- 1 Analogue Output Rack (My Background Rack)
Overall a number of 63 racks. So in my case 256 triggers are left for global, song or part wise purposes. If you don’t use your triggers I’d love to take over. :slight_smile: Not much headroom.



Thanks for this inspirating list…

have to rethink some workflows …i should also use more triggers…

Hrm… I’m fairly stumped then. As an experiment could you try switching to a US keyboard layout and see if that makes a difference. (be sure to restart Cantabile after changing it).

Okay, I made some further tests switching to english windows language (US) and american keyboard layout with full computer reset, but unluckily there’s no difference.

But there is a change since your last update. The two bindings to “Enter” and “Escape” now working correct. I didn’t realize that before. So the error concerns now only all combination with the arrow-keys and additional page-up and -down.