Navigation and bindings. Is there a way to trigger a tab key?

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As part of my Cantabile fault tolerance experiment, I like to have a series of Bindings that will change the Audio Engine from “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” to “X-Air XR18 ASIO Driver” . Here’s the sequence I need (Assumes some preconfiguring of cursors and selections):

Execute Command -> UI Command -> Tools-Options //Opens window, cursor on “Audio Engine”
Navigation -> Tab // ??? no Tab? is there another key that will work?
Navigation -> down arrow // multiple times to get to XR18 (or other device)
Navigation -> Enter

This sequence would be used to activate a stand-by computer and change the Audio Engine from “Generic Low Latency ASIO” to XR-18 so I wouldn’t have to “mouse hunt” for it in the event of a failure of the primary.

Is there a way to emulate/simulate a Tab character to move the cursor from the Left Hand pane of the “Options…” box to the Right-side pane with the pull-down list of Audio Drivers?

Inquiring mind wants to know,

I used to use a tiny keyboard macro app that was reliable. Can’t remember the name right now. I’ll look in my software install archive. It could definitely send a tab from it’s executable.

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Ahh. Good idea

How about using AutoIt or AutoHotKey with an “External Command” binding? Both can compile their scripts to an .exe file that you can launch with “External Command”



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Yes - AutoIt and AutoHotKey are the products I have used to send keystrokes.

Perfect. Thanks guys. The value of community when you’re stuck thinking one way.