Navigate Song Grid from midi keyboard controls

Hi All,

I want to use my M-Audio Axiom Pro keyboard buttons to navigate left, right, up, down, select song and return to grid on the Set List Grid view exactly as i can on my Laptop. I have been playing around with the Background Rack and have got “Previous Song” and “Next Song” and “Set List Grid” bound but im a bit stumped with navigating left and right and i dont think “Previous” and “Next” songs is really right for up and down although it works, is this where i start ?. Can somebody walk me through it please ?,

Thanks Steve

I’m still discovering Cantabile myself and do not have access to my Cantabile computer right now, but I think the best way to do this is to open the Background Rack from C3’s menu and then go to Bindings. That’s where you can create bindings from your controller keyboard to C3 that are active wherever in C3 you are.

Hi thanks for the reply, ive gone to bindings on the background rack but i cant get the navigation to work as i need it as described above :frowning:

any ideas ?

Hi Steve,

There is no binding for this case use that I’m aware of, so I would make it a request to @brad.


Timely question, given this is on my current todo list. Hoping to include as part of bigger update in the next couple of weeks.


That’s great guys, thanks for the replies. Will look forward to the update Brad :+1::slight_smile: