Native Versions of Korg Wavestate and OPSIX

Native versions of their acclaimed Wavestate and OPSIX synths…

wavestate native and opsix native: fully compatible, feature-complete software versions of the acclaimed hardware synths. Two week intro sale!

I have the “real” Wavestate but not the OPSIX, so that is tempting, but I might also be interested in the soft Wavestate so I do not have to gig the hardware variant, or I might even sell the hardware version if the soft version meets my needs as I have never been a fan of the form factor (3 octaves with no aftertouch, so mostly play it from my Montage anyway).


I’m trying the demo. Both are awesome synths. Little problem, the TimeLoad is up to 45%.
That’s weird, as far I know, the hardware instrument is based on a Raspberry board, my PC is a six-cores i7-10750H.
Did I say a bullshit (feels free to say YES)? :wink:

On my DAW PC, the time load is between 10 to 20% per patch on the Wavestate, and about the same on the OPSIX

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Well, I pulled the trigger and went for the Wavestate and OPSIX native. The Wavestate was a no brainer as it only cost me $45 as a hardware wavestate owner. I have imported my sound libraries from the hardware into the native version and I can hear no difference. I will always keep a hardware wavestate (preferably the 5 octave SE when it finally comes out), but the soft version allows me to run several performances if needed at the same time (one in hardware, one or more in software), as I simply love the Wavestate.

I was more on the fence re the OPSIX. I downloaded the demo and found most of the presets quite underwhelming. But there are some 3rd party soundsets out there that sound great, so I went for it, but then found the catch… Whilst the Wavestate Native has an import capability, the OPSIX native currently does not!!! :astonished: :astonished: I am only hopeful that that is soon remedies, so my OPSIX purchase is not wasted - well I could always learn to program it myself as well of course. But worth being aware of.


15 to 40% here, with buffer set to 512! I’ll try on the studio PC, witch is a faster desktop.

Update: on my DAW pc the TimeLoad is around 9% with peaks up to 16%.

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I am also sitting on the fence regarding the OPSIX, though it was a no-brainer for me to buy Wavestate Native if only because the first REAL synth I owned myself (not using a university’s) was the Wavestation bought in '93 (and now I also have an SR).

Like you, I found the presets of OPSIX to be underwhelming, and I have FM8 by NI which is a monster-killer synth in FM synthesis, so I wonder if I really need another FM synth anyway.


I have way too much FM, but I have way too much analog as well :rofl:

Here is a good example of what can be done on the OPSIX. Have a listen through the whole video.

BTW, via a little help on Korg Forums, I figured out how to import 3rd party patches.

I think these native products are great, but maybe a little rushed and betware. E.g. on OPSIX the VST3 plugin got installed in the VST2 location, so not detected by Cubase until you manually move it.

In the way too much FM stakes

  • Yamaha TG77
  • Yamaha SY99
  • Yamaha FS1r
  • Yamaha Montage 7
  • Nord G2 Engine (patchable FM and of course you can build anything you like around it)
  • Korg Kronos (MOD-7 patchable FM)
  • And now OPSIX native…

Anton did pull some impressive sounds out of that via layered textures. Very nice!


He has some very good Wavestate patches as well

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I bought the opsix native and the Cinematic Ambient presets from Anton and those amplified the value of the purchase of the opsix native immensely.

Keys is the one kind of sound I find easy to make in an FM synth, so I passed on the Sensitive Keys bundle offer. Cinematic Ambient is truly inspiring, though!



I was equally impressed, and it is quite often that 3rd parties that show the true potential of a synth.

My Prophet X was a bit of a chance purchase, as I was very underwhelmed by the Sequential demos, but I had one at a price that was too good to miss, but most people probably passed it by on the strength of the demos and presets.