Native Instruments Kontakt 6 on sale 50% off - $199

I’ve been waiting ages for this:

A while back someone explained how to get it for even less. They recommended downloading and registering the free Embertone Arcane. When your NI account has that registered you are eligible for the crossgrade for $124 (Edited after going back and review my notes)

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I have purchased a bunch of NI stuff but I can’t seem to find where the cross grade pricing section is… how did you get to it?

Hi Pete,

People on this reddit have shared a ton of detail for getting all kinds of deals on NI software:

I originally learned about the free product crossgrade method from this thread on VI Control:

In a nutshell

  1. Install Native Access
  2. Go to Embertone’s website and download and install Arcane (free)
  3. Make sure it shows up in Native Access
  4. Go to NI’s webpages for purchasing Kontakt. It asked if I had a qualifying product - I clicked yes and then it prompted me to login to my NI account and then it did a little thinking - announced I have a qualifying product and changed the pricing to the crossgrade offer.
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Ooh la la!! Thanks for that :grinning:
I managed to swipe it for $184 Aussie dollars ($133USD)

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Me too :smiley:
Snagged for $179aud. I wasn’t aware of this initally. I saved up the full price
then went to buy and found I was eligible for crossgrade, nice bonus!

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